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The history behind BLAST TECHNOLOGY inc.

In 1990 Blast Technology Inc. was created to fill a huge void in the coating and construction industry, a company specializing in total floor preparation. Blast Technology Inc. has long been know not only in the midwest but also worldwide as one of the largest concrete and steel floor preparation companies. Blast Technology Inc. has continued to meet the demands of the flooring industry by adding state-of-the -art services. Because of Blast Technology Inc's total commitment to floor preparation it allows us to focus on your specific flooring problem. Now in our twenty third year, we at Blast Technology Inc. feel that we can solve all of your concrete floor preparation needs because we have seen what it takes to adapt to the customer's needs and we have continued to do exactly that. Adapting to each specific job means having the equipment, that's why we have the largest variation of dust free concrete preparation, concrete polishing and concrete demolition equipment and tools in the midwest. Blast Technology Inc.'s range of equipment includes shot blasting machinery to suit both small jobs as well as the largest concrete and steel floor preparation projects, we have the largest arsenal of concrete grinding and polishing equipment in the  midwest. We also house a large variety of dust-free tools, including hand grinders, rotary scrape away and scarifying equipment. We feature equipment powered by gasoline, propane and electric, offering the versatility required for any job site.

Blast technology Inc. takes great pride that our crews arrive on time to every job with the tools and equipment necessary to complete any project. Blast Technology Inc. is a company who has covered the entire United States and beyond due to your demand and our committed excellence to the flooring industry.